Enigma Management Resources is a strategy consulting practice. We have been operating for over 25 years.


Our primary focus is on helping you as a business owner, business leader or senior executive improve business performance through aligned, self-aware and emotionally intelligent people and teams, together delivering a robust and relevant strategic plan.

In support of this, we have committed to the proven Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviours® suite of applications by Wiley. These are our chosen tools to support you in achieving exceptional individual and team performance improvement.

We are pragmatists focused on your outcomes and not slaves to theories. But we do believe that that your people, working in formal or informal teams, are the key to the successful execution of your strategy; and that fully aligned teams lead to successful business growth.

DiSC is a personal assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to determine their DiSC Profile to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

At the heart of the Everything DiSC and Five Behaviours applications is a personalised Everything DiSC Profile. This is generated from a core DiSC assessment questionnaire. This is completed online, and is adaptive in that additional questions are seamlessly introduced as necessary to ensure that the reports are based on responses that are consistent across the whole assessment.

The questionnaire is also context specific, depending on the application chosen, so that the reports aid the self-awareness and personal development of the participants, based on their DiSC profile, in the context of their role and personal development objectives.



So where to start with DiSC?


If you are clear about the DiSC report you require then the answer is start there. 


However, based on our executive and business management experience we believe that Everything DiSC Workplace®, for team members in general, and Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®, for business leaders and owners, provide an excellent start point on a DiSC journey. This is why we have placed them at the centre of the map of the Everything DiSC suite of applications.


The WORKPLACE assessment is the most popular application in the suite. 


As with all reports, the WORKPLACE report can be delivered individually or in a group workshop setting. The results can be used to identify where additional role or topic-based DiSC assessments are likely to be beneficial e.g.

DiSC Workplace workshops can uncover stresses between individual team members or reveal that the team as a whole is not functioning at optimum interpersonal levels. These challenges are addressed throughout the workshop.

Alternatively, this is when the Five Behaviours solution might become appropriate. Based on the Patrick Lencioni book - The Five Behaviours of a Dysfunctional Team - this assessment and related report is delivered either as a personal development tool or through a team alignment group workshop programme.






The WORK OF LEADERS assessment helps business owners, business leaders and executive managers understand and adapt their behaviours based on their DiSC style when working on three core aspects of their business leadership role:     

VISION - crafting of the business vision

Exploration; Boldness; Testing Assumptions


ALIGNMENT – building alignment through the team

Clarity; Dialogue; Inspiration


EXECUTION – championing execution

Momentum; Structure; Feedback

The Work of Leaders report provides a solid platform for a leadership coaching and development programme, tailored to individual requirements and delivered by a seasoned business coach.