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We provide the full range of Everything DiSC® assessments and related coaching

to maximise the learnings and benefits of self-awareness for individuals.


Guided Learning


If you or your team are new to Everything DiSC assessments, then we

recommend that one of our Certified Everything DiSC Trainers guides the

learner/recipient through their report in a private 1-2-1 session. This will

ensure that they gain a full appreciation of the scope and value of the

assessment and will help them to identify key areas for learning and personal




If you, your team member or the commissioning party in your organisation would prefer to deliver this coaching internally, then talk to us about how you can become a certified training organisation.

Assessment Choices



Creating a positive dynamic within teams is key to performance and execution. Whether for organisational teams, project teams or simply groups of employees we provide facilitated learning and team-building through workshops that build from the individual Everything DiSC assessments.

Everything DiSC Workplace® Workshops

A great place to start. We have run numerous workshops built around the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment.


For groups of almost any size, the outcomes are:

  • A shared knowledge the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile of the whole group

  • Improved communication through an understanding of each others’ priorities, preferences and values

  • A knowledge of each individual’s potential motivators and stressors

  • More effective individual workplace relationships within the team

  • Enhanced team work, reduced team conflict, fewer misunderstandings and improved outputs


The workshop environment and process helps the individuals and their leaders identify relationship tensions and any particular needs related to the learners’ specific function. For example it might be beneficial to secure additional Everything DiSC reports - Productive Conflict, Sales, Management , Agile EQ, 363 Feedback or Five Behaviours Personal. The full range of assessments can be seen here together with a brief overview of the purpose and benefits.

Your workshop facilitator, a Certified Everything DiSC Practitioner, will provide feedback and advice in this respect.



"I recently undertook a DISC workshop with my senior team and was delighted with the positive impact this had.  The DISC workshop provided a real insight into each individual’s own character, as well as their colleagues across the business.  This insight helped improve the way people interacted with each other and to develop more effective working relationships, as awareness and understanding of people’s behaviours increased.  Several workshop participants have remarked to me since that the DISC workshop helped them to improve the way they interact with and manage their teams. As a result of the success of the DISC workshop, we intend to roll this out across the wider organisation this year.  In addition, we have recently started to use DISC as part of our recruitment process."