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Enigma owns and operates The Alternative Board® (TAB) in Guildford and Woking. TAB enables forward-thinking business owners to increase profitability and improve their lives. It is an exclusive, membership-based organisation that helps business owners achieve more by participating in local business advisory boards and one-to-one business coaching sessions.

So, imagine that you could tap into your exclusive board of business owners and leaders that shared with you their years of experience, gave you objective advice and on-going support to assist you in making better day-to-day and long-term decisions…

     ...well, The Alternative Board makes this happen.

TAB Boards help each other to:

  • Recruit great employees

  • Increase sales and grow profits

  • Create and manage a strategic plan

  • Adapt your business to be less dependent on you

  • Increase the value of your business

  • Determine and achieve your personal vision, and

  • Make bigger, better and faster decisions

With many years of running and owning businesses, Leslie Woodcock, our MD has the experience to not only facilitate monthly TAB peer boards but to be a business coach, mentor and trusted adviser to his TAB members, ensuring that they get the maximum benefit from their membership and from each other.



I joined my TAB board in September 2017. My business had been successful for many years and as far as I was concerned it was delivering all I needed. However, when I met Leslie and he told me about TAB I was intrigued and became curious about the possibility that I could improve the way I ran my business.

Since I joined TAB, my TAB board colleagues have shared with me in the TAB boardroom their different approaches to marketing, operations, pricing and costing, staff management and more. I have been able to cherry pick from the fantastic advice they have given me and feel that I understand the key drivers of growth and profit in my business even better and how to take my business on to a new level.

Leslie, my TAB facilitator and business coach, really holds me to account for delivering my business plan throughout the year and challenges my thinking across a wide range of business activities. I have learnt a lot, in fact more than I thought possible, and would recommend TAB to any business owner that has become a bit complacent and inward looking and wants to be challenged in an honest and caring way.