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We provide strategic business performance improvement services—aimed at growing the bottom line through sales and market share growth; board, team and organisational alignment; and performance measurement and management.

We help boards and management teams to establish or refocus their strategic direction. We are pragmatic and apply the fundamental principles of strategic and marketing planning in a no-nonsense manner.


At the same time we are sensitive to the organisational consequences of strategic shift resulting from pursuit of new goals or business direction and work closely with individuals and teams to guide them through the chosen programme. When appropriate, we introduce the Everything DiSC and Five Behaviours assessments and workshops to assist with team building, cohesion and alignment. We are skilled at facilitating large group sessions, for example during strategy away-days.


Post-implementation support is a key feature of our work.

We have a comprehensive and robust set of tools and a skillset that is fully portable. These have been successfully deployed in varied assignments in diverse market sectors, from start-ups to mature businesses facing strategic shifts in their marketplace. A common factor is growth ambitions.

We are best at

  • making a difference by changing attitudes within a business; at board and management team levels

  • dealing with short-term performance issues as a prelude to or as a result of our strategic input

  • setting the medium to long-term strategic agenda by focusing rapidly on core issues

  • delivering focused market and marketing led programmes

  • delivering enterprise wide initiatives and programmes

Our uniqueness is our pragmatic, high impact, real-world approach based on

  • Senior executive management experience and success (Daewoo, Suzuki, Heron)

  • Assignments for clients ranging from a pub and restaurant group to a premium Hi-Fi speaker manufacturer; from a national tyre retailer and wholesaler to a national clothing brand.

We engage only in senior level projects with our senior resource providing intensive “head-to-head” consulting input. This yields critical benefits:

  more impact     |    more relevance      |     faster  results     |     increased value for money



We the founders, former Shareholders and Directors of The Hanover Park Group PLC, are grateful to Enigma and its Principal Leslie Woodcock with whom we shared an exciting road of recovery. Enigma was able to offer assistance and guidance to both ourselves, our senior staff and our various business units.

Having initially been commissioned to advise on the marketing of our products and services, we soon identified that there was a need for Enigma to facilitate the production of a Group-wide Business Plan, top down and bottom up - not “rocket science” but nevertheless the perfect tool to target marketing opportunities to invigorate, empower and support our management team and manage a business through a phase of dramatic growth with all it's challenges.

During the processes Enigma assisted us in assessing and choosing partners in the area of PR, executive coaching and training to ensure and build on the success.

The result was that the business had a structured and measurable way forward by linking corporate and personal aims through the Business Plan exercise; and the means to follow through the actions required to achieve the stated aims and goals of the agreed Plans. During this time we believe that the senior management team achieved more than perhaps they believed was possible.

After three years the Group plans were reviewed and updated by Enigma to acknowledge necessary change from both within the business itself and the market place in which it operated. The Group's success depended, among other factors, on a group-wide commitment to a 'work hard' ethic required to deliver the sometimes “stretch” targets of the Plans.

This ultimately resulted in the business being sold in 2 phases. Our former business became a significant part of a FTSE  quoted company.

The commitment of our team was admirable and a proud achievement but it is unlikely that we would have reached such heights without the professionalism and enthusiasm of Enigma.