Our executive and business management experience leads us to believe that these two DiSC system applications provide an excellent start point for the DiSC journey. This is why we have placed them at the centre of the DiSC personal and team development ecosystem.


The WORKPLACE assessment, delivered individually or, in a group workshop setting, identifies where additional role or topic-based assessments could be beneficial e.g.

  • Management

  • Sales

  • Productive Conflict

  • Agile EQ

  • Five Behaviours

  • 363 Feedback


WORK OF LEADERS helps business owners, business leaders and executive managers understand and adapt their DiSC style when working on three core aspects of their business leadership role:


VISION - crafting of the business vision                                         Exploration; Boldness; Testing Assumptions



ALIGNMENT – building alignment through the team                  Clarity; Dialogue; Inspiration



EXECUTION – championing execution                                          Momentum; Structure; Feedback



The Work of Leaders report provides a solid platform for a leadership coaching and development programme, tailored to individual requirements.


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